JSConf.Asia 2014

20 + 21 Nov 2014

Asia's most influential web developer conference

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Spike Brehm @spikebrehm

Spike is a web engineer at Airbnb. He’s currently prototyping the next generation of Airbnb’s front end stack, tackling the problem of "isomorphic JavaScript" – building apps that have the flexibility to run on both the client and server using the same codebase.

Wei Lu @luweidewei

Wei is a full-time open source software developer, passionate about beautiful code and cryptocurrencies. She's currently leading the development effort of Hive web wallet - an elegant cryptocurrency wallet. She's also a core maintainer of bitcoinjs-lib and co-organizes SingaporeJS meetups and local NodeSchool workshops.

Gabe Hollombe @gabehollombe

Gabe is a full-stack senior engineer at Neo Innovation, with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for sharing what he's learned. He has spoken in on four different continents on topics including JavaScript, Ruby, Vim, and HTML5 Game development.

Chinmay Pendharkar @ntt

Chinmay is a geek who works with web based audio tech. His background is in embedded systems and engineering acoustics, and he spent 6 months helping to build an autonomous robotic submarine. He is the organizer of a bunch of cool local geek/developer/hacker meetups in Singapore.

Charlie Roberts

Charlie is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the AlloSphere Research Group at the California NanoSystems Institute, where his research explores computer human interaction in virtual reality environments. He is the primary author of Gibber, a creative coding environment for the browser, and has given over a dozen performances in the US, Europe and Asia improvising audiovisual art through live coded JavaScript.

Martin Kleppe @aemkei

Martin is the organizer of HHJS and "Head of Development" at Ubilabs. His company develops applications based on the Google Maps API for an international client base. He is the maniac who built the spinning globe in 1K of JavaScript and hacked Tetris in less than 140 bytes. He is an active speaker at conferences and loves to share the latest insights with the community.

Jan Jongboom @janjongboom

Jan is a battle-hardened mobile developer and worked on large scale mobile websites and APIs. He was a JavaScript ninja at Cloud9 IDE; and is currently working as a Firefox OS contributor and evangelist for Telenor.

Vince Allen @vinceallenvince

Vince is a software engineering manager at Spotify in New York. He's been designing and programming for almost 20 years and devotes most of his spare time to FloraJS, a JavaScript framework for creating natural simulations in a web browser. Listen to Vince on Spotify (search for Vince Allen or his alias, DJ Monkey Pants) or find him at vinceallen.com.

Peggy Kuo @pyko

Peggy is a full stack developer at Atlassian who loves creating things. She makes everything from stuffed toys to Android apps, and her latest project is a little game called Trichroma. She co-organises the Girl Geek Dinner and Women Who Code. But if you really want to know the way to her heart... that would be food!

Chris Lienert @cliener

Chris has been doing all sorts of things to innocent web sites for 17 years and is also responsible for unleashing web forms library Quaid-JS upon the world. He is currently working in the in-house web team at insurance broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson in Perth, Australia Aside from musical distractions and earning frequent flyer points, Chris and his wife Sarah can often be found in the company of their very small human.

Feross Aboukhadijeh @feross

Feross is currently building WebTorrent, a streaming BitTorrent client for the browser, powered by WebRTC. Before that, he built PeerCDN, a peer-to-peer content delivery network to makes sites faster and cheaper.
He's a graduate of Stanford and has worked at Quora, Facebook, and Intel and loves "mad science" projects!

Ritesh Angural @ringular

Ritesh is an Engineer working on the next generation Ecommerce platform at RedMart, currently working on the frontend and continuous delivery. Apart from coding in JavaScript & Ruby, he loves extracting a perfect espresso & scoring goals while wearing the Juventus jersey!

Mikeal Rogers @mikeal

Mikeal is the Director of Evangelism at DigitalOcean and the creator of request, NodeConf and JSFest.

Tingan Ho @tingan87

Tingan is a designer, coder & thinker from China and loves innovation in web, design, and OOS. He is the author of SASS-Inspector and get-translation and contributes to many other open-source projects.

Soares Chen @soareschen

Soares Chen is an independent web developer from Penang, Malaysia. He work mostly on server backend using Node since 2011, and is passionate about web technologies. He currently stays in Singapore and is active in the SingaporeJS and HackerspaceSG community. Soares is the creator of Quiver, with it he has the ambition to make building web applications as easy as combining lego bricks.

Tamas Piros @tpiros

Tamas is a web advocate, author, teacher & preacher of super-heroic web technologies from England. His technology dish of choice is the MEAN stack with a side of Polymer that he serves regularly during his London MEAN stack meetup group to curious developers.

We're gonna reveal our more than 20 speakers as we approach the event, so stay tuned!

Get your ticket 2 days - S$480


JSConf.Asia, 20 + 21 Nov 2014 in Singapore
Amara Sanctuary, Sentosa

The web can do THAT?

JSConf has in the past been showcasing the potential of the web more than any other event and this year will be no different. Loads of demos, wows and how-to's are gonna be accompanied by hands-on workshops and our code-café.

The rest is just the ordinary...

...you know, amazing people, great food, fast Wi-Fi, gorgeous venue, free booze, beach-parties ... just JSConf as usual.

Oh, about the code-café: Yes, Jimmy Monkey is back! They upgraded their gear and invited some of Singapore's best baristas over to deliver you competitive shot pulling and latte art. Pro-tip: Come to the venue early to skip some of the morning queue. They'll be at your service both days full-time!

It's for you!

Together with CSSConf, we want to make community events that brings Southeast-Asia's best web developers together in an playful and informal environment. It's gonna be a great setting for learning and exchange and we can't wait to see you there!

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